Advisory Board and Grants Committee

Advisory Board

A fund advisory board will lead fundraising efforts to support the Grants Committee in distributing funding to nonprofit partners with a laser-like focus on home repair and related relief and recovery efforts. Mayor Turner and Judge Hidalgo each appointed four advisory board members.

Chair: Dave Lesar, President & CEO of CenterPoint Energy
Ric Campo, Camden Property Trust
Jim Crane, Houston Astros
Bill Jackson, Harris County Precinct 4
Jason Johnson, MetroNational
Scott McClelland, HEB
Cal McNair, Houston Texans
Jacob Monty, Monty & Ramirez LLP
Gretchen Watkins, Shell Oil Company

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee will be co-chaired by Tony Chase, Chairman & CEO of ChaseSource, LP and GHCF Board Member, and Donna Sims Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of Kah Capital Management and UWGH Board Member, and supported by staff and philanthropic professionals who will develop and execute a grant making strategy and approve grants to nonprofit partners.

Tony Chase, GHCF Board
Donna Sims Wilson, UWGH Board
Lara Jaramillo, GHCF Board
Y. Ping Sun, UWGH Board
Renee Wizig-Barrios, GHCF
Mary Vazquez, UWGH
Diana Zarzuelo, GHCF
Angel Harris, UWGH

Extended Staff Team

A team of non-voting staff will join the Grants Committee as needed to help review grant requests and provide staffing support.

Annie Hurwitz, GHCF
Andrea Mays, GHCF
Margaret Oser, UWGH
Curtis McMinn, UWGH

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