Houston Harris County Winter Storm Relief Fund Grantees

Round 2 Grants – March 11, 2021
In its second round of grants, the Fund deployed $6,300,000, which includes $3,100,000 for Emergency Financial Assistance Grants to 39 providers, $1,700,000 for Home Repair Grants to 10 providers, $600,000 for the creation of an Unmet Needs Fund, $500,000 for the creation of a Construction Unmet Needs Fund, and $400,000 in System Coordination Grants that will provide increased access to home repairs for vulnerable populations and ensure quality home repairs.


The following organizations received Flexible Emergency Financial grants to provide direct payments to households, not to exceed $1,000 per household, for winter storm relief and recovery expenses including temporary housing, re-location, minor home repair managed by the household, food/furniture replacement, lost wages, and/or other relief and recovery related expenses.

Alliance for Multicultural Services $100,000
Betterment Project & Al-Noor Society of Greater Houston$50,000
Boat People SOS, Inc.$75,000
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston$100,000
Change Happens$100,000
Chinese Community Center Inc$75,000
Communities In Schools of Houston, Inc.$50,000
Community Family Centers$100,000
East Harris County Empowerment Council$100,000
Easter Seals of Greater Houston, Inc.$100,000
Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services$75,000
Fe y Justicia Worker Center Houston$100,000
Free Indeed Community Works CDC$75,000
Houston Area Urban League$75,000
Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative$125,000
Humble Area Assistance Ministries$100,000
Interfaith Caring Ministries, Inc.$50,000
Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston$75,000
Jewish Family Service$100,000
Katy Christian Ministries$75,000
Living Hope Wheelchair Association$75,000
Memorial Assistance Ministries$75,000
Montrose Grace Place$25,000
My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Center$100,000
Neighbors in Action, Inc.$75,000
Northwest Assistance Ministries$100,000
Olive Branch – Muslim Family Services$50,000
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
Southeast Area Ministries$50,000
The Montrose Center$50,000
The Salvation Army$75,000
Volunteers of America Texas$100,000
Wesley Community Center of Houston, Inc.$100,000
West Houston Assistance Ministries, Inc.$75,000
West Street Recovery$50,000


The following organizations received grants to support homeowners with urgent basic home repairs due to busted pipes, associated water damage, and/or due to prolonged power loss.

Attack Poverty$250,000
Hope Disaster Recovery$150,000
Houston Responds$200,000
Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County$100,000
Pathfinder Mission$100,000
The Restoration Team$100,000
Volunteers of America Texas$150,000
West Street Recovery$200,000


The following organizations received System Coordination grants to provide support to Fund grantees. Alliance will provide a common information line in 150+ languages and enhance navigation to access common applications to FEMA application, home repair, emergency financial assistance, food assistance, and legal assistance. Connective will serve as a Home Repair Intermediary that will lead nonprofit partners to support process and practice improvements through continuous monitoring of data and active support of all home repair agencies funded.

Connective $140,000
TOTAL $400,000


In partnership with Connective, the Fund has established an Unmet Needs Fund and Construction Unmet Needs Fund. The Unmet Needs Fund will help with the replacement of appliances/furniture/medical durable equipment, relocation expenses, temporary housing, and other critical unmet needs. The Construction Unmet Needs Fund will provide more substantial repairs for very vulnerable households that need additional resources to complete necessary repairs.

Unmet Needs Fund$600,000
Construction Unmet Needs Fund$500,000

Round 1 Immediate Grants – February 26, 2021
The Houston Harris County Winter Storm Relief Fund invested $1,650,000 to launch relief efforts focused on home repair assistance and coordination to support in-home repairs in homes due to busted pipes, associated water damage and/or due to prolonged power loss. A centralized technology platform will be established to support this collaborative work through a low-barrier, common portal for applications.

Disaster Home Repair Collaborative$1,500,000
Avenue CDC
Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation
Houston Habitat for Humanity
Rebuilding Together Houston
Tejano Center for Community Concerns